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Fruit Picking Jobs in Appenzell, Switzerland for Foreigners

Switzerland can be a lovely nation with lovely lands and scenes. That’s why the nation has the most grounded agrarian trade in Switzerland and, in expansion to being the calmest nation in the world, moreover has the most elevated compensation and least charges. Horticulture in Switzerland is one of the foremost sought-after jobs in the country. In this way, there’s no work that’s a much better, higher, more grounded choice than the foremost sought-after work for pariahs. Appenzell is the most popular and charming town in the Swiss Alps.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Appenzell, Switzerland for Foreigners

In this article, we’ll clarify all the ways and strategies to apply for this work from time to time. You may learn approximately all the critical capacities, such as the benefits you’ll be able to get from its prerequisites. If you want to buy a vintage item in Appenzell, Switzerland, you should read this article carefully.

Job Details:

  • Job Title: Fruit picking jobs
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Country: Appenzell, Switzerland
  • Job type: Full time
  • Desired salary: CHF 14 per hour
  • Free food: Yes
  • Convenience Free: Yes
  • Free Transportation: No
  • Free Protection: No


  • Minimum disclosure is required. There are no endorsements, degrees, or certifications.
  • You must have excellent communication skills in English.
  • Minimum participation is required.
  • Before you start working full-time, you must complete a preparation period.
  • To work (meat, biological) you need basic knowledge of breeding, disease monitoring, biological testing, and growing systems.
  • A valid driving license recognized by your country and a theoretical driving license.
  • You may need to spend extra minutes regularly.
  • is physically demanding because you have to work in a fast-paced environment and walk a lot. You will also have many harvest crops to deal with.
  • All important information and visa support.

Job duties:

  • Collects natural products from fields and gardens.
  • separates broken and damaged items from clean items.
  • Pack natural products in a box.

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What types of Farms in Appenzell, Switzerland have jobs for foreigners?

  • Strawberry Farm.
  • Grape Farm.
  • Wheat farming.
  • Potato Sheep.
  • Bread Grain Farm.
  • Canola Farm.
  • Sugar Beet Farm.
  • Barley Farm.
  • Rye Farm.
  • Raspberry Farm.
  • Gooseberry Farm.
  • Blueberry Farm.
  • Gooseberry Farm.
  • Apple Farm.
  • Apricot Farm.
  • Cherry Farm.
  • Peach Farm.
  • Pumpkin Farm.
  • Dairy Farm.

Where can I find a Fruit Picking Job in Appenzell, Switzerland? 

  • Indeed.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Zuma Fox.
  • Jobs.Ch.
  • One World 365.
  • Job Scout 24.
  • Job and Salary Abroad.

Famous farms in Appenzell, Switzerland

  • Jucker Farm.
  • La Ferme des 4 Salsons.
  • Emmentaler Schaukaeserei.
  • Kartause Ittingen.
  • Juckerhof Erlebnisbauernhof.
  • Les Cueillettes de Landecy.
  • Family Walters Farms.
  • Swiss Lachs.
  • Sunnehof Farm.
  • Hof Herrendingen.

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Benefits of Fruit Picking Jobs in Appenzell:

  • Long-term work; no contract.
  • Free assistance for business closure (usually included in the employment contract).
  • Free and fresh food (usually included in the employment contract).
  • No capacity is required.
  • Cooperation is not required.
  • Satisfied payment package.
  • Natural environment.
  • The nature of work is rest.

How to find natural product selection jobs in Appenzell, Switzerland for foreigners in 2023?

Here are a few common tips to discover Natural product-picking Employment in Switzerland online:

  • International Work looks like monsters like Undoubtedly and LinkedIn. Within the case of rural/ cultivated occupations like natural product picking, one around the world job-searching mammoth is WWOOF.
  • Swiss work looks like Jobup.Ch,, and
  • Online query-sharing stages like Quora and Reddit.
  • Find universal ranches in Switzerland contracting universal work or neighbourhood Swiss Ranches having a deficiency of labourers by googling almost all of them. Another astute thing to do is to look approximately at the collection season of the individual celebrated natural products of all Swiss cantons. When the collecting season is at its crest, increasingly specialists are required.
  • Contact bosses directly.
  • Search approximately workers positioned/ prevalent natural product ranches in your wanted area in Switzerland i.e. Appenzell.

How to Apply For Fruit Picking Jobs in Appenzell, Switzerland?

  • First, make your account on different online job portals.
  • Then search for a job.
  • Click on the job you want.
  • Send resume and all required documents.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Email response awaited.
  • Click Here

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