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China Finally Opened This Secret Big killer

Recently, China’s own development of the two-seat version of the Jf 17B fighter first flight success, therefore, the Indian media said that the two-seat version of the Jf 17B fighters will be a lot into the Pakistan Air Force, which was the Indian Air Force Worry about things. Pakistani media commented that the Jf 17B fighters is jointly developed by China and Pakistan, an advanced light fighters, Pakistan can meet the air operations needs of the Air Force, the words let people feel completely excited.

As we all know, with the development and service of many four generations and five generations of machines, the world has set off a wave of new advanced trainer machine development and equipment climax. The US Air Force has launched a TX advanced trainer program, Boeing, Loma and other military aviation giants have put forward their own trainer program. Russia, Europe, a variety of senior trainers are also competing for defense orders in the world.

At present, the Chinese army is still using the Guifei Group in the F-7 based on the conversion of the coach -9 “Eagle”, the aircraft’s overall design has become obsolete, although the Hongdu Aviation Group manufacturing Of the coach -10 “Falcon” in the aerodynamic layout and avionics system on a lot of advanced, but the engine is not domestically produced, thus hindering the further development of the coach -10, but we see the Chinese senior trainer only staring at “Eagle” and “Falcon”, do not forget there “Fierce Dragon”.

Although the “Fierce Dragon” in the development of the Department is not a special coach models, but the machine has many high starting point technology. In the late 1980s, China launched the “Super 7” fighter program, initially received technical assistance from the United States Grumman, but soon the Sino-US relations broke down, Cheng Fei Group and the Pakistan Air Force to continue research and development work, and finally completed in 2004 Fly, and in January 2007 delivery of Pakistan Air Force.

If the single from the aerodynamic design to analyze, “Fierce Dragon” is definitely better than the “Eagle” and “Falcon”, such as: “Fierce Dragon” captain, wingspan are greater , Thus providing a better internal load for the air force and lift, for simulating a high degree of air combat against the environment. The most critical or “Fierce Dragon” is Cheng Fei Group’s products, and the Chinese Air Force’s F -20, J -10 is also Chengfei Group’s products, and by the same unit of the senior trainer for its manufacturing advanced fighter The simulation level is definitely higher.

According to reliable information, two-seat version of “Fierce Dragon,” the main technical data: Captain 14.5 meters, 4.6 meters high, wingspan 9.5 meters, and single-seat “Fierce Dragon” fighter, Not too much increase, seemingly only increased by 0.2 meters, wingspan is increased by about 0.5 meters, which is clearly for the aircraft to provide greater lift. In addition to as a senior trainer, two-seat version of “Fierce Dragon” can also be used as a fighter bomber, which is clearly a great attraction to Pakistan.

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